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Herb Properties


Burn to consecrate Magical & Ritual Tools

Joy, Friendship, Love


Protection, Wisdom, Health


Purification, Peace, Love, Psychic Awareness


Cleansing, Love, Magic, Happiness

Rose Petals

Love, Psychic Powers, Protection

Nettle Leaf

Protection, Healing, Removing Negativity


Healing, Aids Sleep, Spiritual Growth


Meditation, Purification, Prosperity, Calm


Calming, Healing, Purification


Love, Psychic Dreams, Peace, Raise Vibrations

Offering Herbs Belt Pouch

Suede Belt Pouch with fringing, Leather Feather, Turquoise rivet and large vial of Offering herbs which include Sage, Sweetgrass and Kinnikinnick

If you are in need of herbs, cuttings or pebbles from your garden, beach or woods, first ask the plant or earth life for their permission, explaining why you are doing it and then offer a sprinkling of sacred herbs in return for their kindness.

Pouch measures 12cm x 8cm with a back strap with silver popper to attach to your belt

If you would like a neckstrap instead of a belet strap please message me with your request


Please enter your preferred colour of suede in the purchase box

Black, Grey, Brown, Tan, Stone, Teal, Purple, Plum, Raspberry, Red, Rust, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Pink

Enter Colour

Dried Organic Herbs for Smudging, Ritual and Healing

Herbs can be burnt for Smudging, used for Spells, placed in Spell Pouches, Mojo's and Medicine Bags. They can be placed under your pillow for night time healing or used as Offer Herbs

Herbs are sold in 10g Bags for £1.50

If you require larger amounts please contact me to enquire about availability

Hem & Sia Brand Incense Sticks

£1.20 per box of 20 sticks


10p per single Incense Stick

Choose from -

White Sage
Coconut & Mango
Red Rose
Frankincense & Myrrh
Aloe Vera (Sia Brand)

£1.20 per Box

10p per Single Stick

Pure Cold Pressed Sea Buckthorn Oil

Cosmetic Use ONLY

Pure Organic cold pressed Sea Buckthorn oil sold in 10ml amber bottles with dropper top

This wonderful berry oil is known for it's skin protecting, conditioning, repairing and anti aging properties and is suitable for all skin types, is cruelty free and suitable for Vegans. This oil is unrefined and contains no chemicals or solvents

Sea Buckthorn berry oil contains fatty acids and natural antioxidants including Phystosterol, Beta-Carotene, Carotenoid,
Anti-oxidants and vitamins A, B1, B2,C, E and Omegas 3, 6 and 7

This is an undiluted oil so due to it's deep colour this oil should be blended with another base oil such as coconut oil or similar to prevent discolouration of the skin and clothing.
It can be used neat but discolouration can last a couple of days so we recommend blending 10% of Sea Buckthorn oil with your preferred base oil or as I do added to my daily moisturising lotion

10ml Amber Dropper Bottle


Liquid Smudge

Liquid smudge an alternative way of smudging your home without smoke or for those smoke sensitive

Home Grown Organic Herbs are steeped in pure alcohol and left to mature with blessings and energy from the sun and moon for 21 days

Liquid smudge is lighter in scent and dissipates quickly but contains the same cleansing and purifying energy as smudging with a herb bundle

Liquid Smudge is made from either pure Sage or Sweetgrass or a range of Sage and Herb mixes to enhance their healing and spiritual properties

Choose from the drop down menu

50g Pump spay bottles

(Limited Stock Available)

Banishing - Clear Negativity
Attracting Positive Energy
Sage & Sweetgrass
Cleansing & Purifying
Sage & Lavender
Protection - Clairvoyance - Psychic Knowledge
Sage & Chamomile
Sleep - Meditation - Anxiety - Peace
Sage & Lemon Balm
Psychic Enhancement - Healing - Sleep
Sage & fennel
Promotes Sight - Grounding - Confidence - Divination
Sage & Peppermint
Protection - Prosperity - Healing (especially Headaches)
Sage & Oregano
Psychic Dreams & Development - Happiness - Healing
Sage & Rosemary
Protection - Courage - Nightmares - Meditation

Sterling silver Earwires with herb filled glass Vials. Vial measures 30mm excluding earwires

(image shows Lavender filled vials)

Choose from the drop down menu


18" silver plated Chain with herb filled glass Vial pendant. Vial measures 30mm excluding Bail

Choose from the drop down menu


Dreamtime Herbal Pouch

Dreamtime Pouches are designed to go under the pillow as the best healing and lifestyle changes are implemented during our dreamtime.

Each bag contains a specially selected mixture of Herbs, Oils and Crystals prepared
by Nelly Moon

Choose between ~ Gentle Sleep, Healing, Psychic Enhancement or Lifestyle Changes


30ml Candle Anointing / Ritual Oil

Before using a candle for Ritual, Healing or Spell Casting it is very important to dress the candles with the appropriate oil. Anointing candles instills the Intention which increases the energy for the required healing or ritual

100% natural oils

Choose between ~ Meditation, Attraction, Banishment, Healing, Spell Casting



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