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Pendulums ~ Energy Seed Weavers


Energy Seed Weavers (ESW's)

Energy seed weavers are made using the combined energies of a double terminated Quartz crystal, Neodymium magnets, Copper and Silver wire.

The combination of materials acts as a transmitter and receiver that with your own, or another's, personal magnetic energy field (Aura). They work like a pendulum and can be used as a divining tool or a powerful healing tool when hung above the body.

The combination of quartz, magnets and copper create a magnetic pull that will locate and make changes at a molecular level for greater healing results

They can be used to -
1. align the seven major Chakra's 2. Healing present and past life traumas 3. Increase awareness and psychic abilities
4. Assist in Angel and Spirit Guide communications 5. Opening portals for Astral Traveling 6. Promoting Healing and Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit
7. Room Cleansing and Balance

Energy Seed Weaver Pendulum measuring approx. 30cm in length

Quartz tip, magnets, copper chain and Turquoise teardrop and copper handle

Supplied with instructions and information sheets

Pendulum may vary slightly from image shown as each is made to order


Large Energy Seed Weaver Pendulum measuring approx. 33cm in length

Large Sapphire Quartz tip (10cm), copper chain, magnets and copper leaf handle, copper wire spirals and silver stars

Supplied with instructions and information sheets


Bespoke Pendulums

** Pendulums pictured in this section are One Off designs, so Only ONE of each available **

All pendulums pictured are Fully working and will arrive with information booklet and instructions

Snow Quartz & Raw Azurite Pendulum

Only ONE available

Snow Quartz pendulum dowser tip decorated with a RARE drilled raw and unpolished Azurite nugget, Silver chain and Snow Quartz Heart handle tip

Pendulum measures 27cm from tip to tip

All pendulums arrive fully charged with instructions





Standard Pendulums

Crystal and Filigree Pendulums decorated with Gemstone Bead and Silver chain

23cm in length


Clear Crystal point tip and Silver Angel, Rose Quartz bead and large Angel wing tab handle

23cm in length





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