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Pet Health and Gifts

A Selection of Health and gift products for your pet




Birthstone Pet Charms

Birthstone Pet Charms made using 8mm Gemstone Beads that correspond to the month your pet was born with Silver Paw Print Heart Charm and split rings

Choose your charm from the drop down menu



Rainbow Bridge Prints

A4 Rainbow Bridge prayer prints

Prints can be purchased plain or Personalised with your pets photo, name and dates if required at no extra cost

If you would like your print personalising please wait until after checkout when I will email you with details of attaching your photo and to confirm the name and/or dates you would like including


Animal Chakra Chart

A4 Animal Chakra Chart


Healing Gifts

Gemstone chip Pendant

1. Daily Balance - Rock Quartz, Turquoise and Rhodochrosite for All round Health and Balance
2. Emotional Balance - Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Chrysoprase to help with Stress, Anxiety and Nervousness
3. Healthy Skin - Azurite, Rhyolite and Rose Quartz for All conditions effecting the skin and fur
4. Inner Balance - Hematite, Citrine and Coral to help with Cancer, Diabetes and conditions effecting the organs and blood
5. Healthy Bones - Malachite, Amazonite and Howlite for Bones, Teeth and Joints. Especially good for Rheumatism and Arthritis
6. Chakra Balance - Contain the 7 chakra Crystals to Balance mind, body and spirit


Mini Gemstone Heart Pendant

Tiny 12mm Gemstone Heart Pendants with split ring suitable for Dog or Cat

Small enough to be discrete yet containing strong healing energy

Gemstones available - Red Coral, Agate, Amethyst, Jade, Howlite and Hematite


Daily Balance

Emotional Balance

Healthy Skin

Inner Balance

Healthy Bones

Healthy Muscles

20g Catnip - Ziplock Bag

Catnip can be sprinkled on a towel, on your cats bedding or placed inside it's favourite toy

If you require smaller or larger amounts please make your enquiry through the contact page


Pet Healing Feather

Specially designed Healing Feathers to be used for aura brushing and healing rituals

Made with vintage Red Turkey feathers hand painted with Life-path design and instilled with the correct healing energy for Cats, Dogs, Horses, domestic and farm animals.

Each feather is bound in reclaimed black suede with fringing to the neck and skirt

Feather measures approx. 35cm excluding fringed skirt


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