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Native American Blessing Beads

Blessing Beads

Native American Blessing Beads can be used within meditation, Blessing prayer (Mala) or hung on the door handle to radiate positive energy within your home,
work or they can even be hung from the mirror in the car


Native American Blessing beads are made using 44 x 8-10mm wooden beads with larger Spirit Bead and decorated with Woven Tail and gifted Feathers

Choose your wooden bead colour between -

Cream, Turquoise/teal, Blue, Black, Brown, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink or Yellow

Colour of leather cotton tail may vary from image shown


Enter Colour

Ready Made

Click on thumbnail for larger image

Owl Energy

One Off design Prayer Bead / Native American Design

44 bead Native American design Prayer strand made with 8mm Yellow Turquoise Beads with larger Spirit bead and finished off with brass Owl Pendant and 4 lots of 4 silver beads

Total length approx. 36cm with 11cm drop

** Yellow Turquoise mainly consists of Jasper, Serpentine and Hematite

Owl is the symbol of Wisdom, Magic and Intuition and within Native American traditions is called the Night Eagle and associated with the Moon


Only the ONE pictured available

Prayer Beads have been used by many cultures for centuries and can be used for Meditation, Prayer, Worry Beads and Rosary beads

Each strand pictured is made with A grade 8mm Gemstone Beads with swivel clasp so you personalise them with your own charms, tassels, feathers or crystals

Additional items of decoration are available if required

4 Design choices are available - 40 bead open strand (Witches Ladder), my own design 44 bead Native American, 54 bead Mala and 108 bead Mala

If you require a different amount of beads in your design please contact me to discuss your requirements

Listed you will see Bead Choice, Design Choice and decorative Additions


Bead Choice

If there is a gemstone bead you require but don't see listed please contact me for availability and price


Design Choice

40 Bead Open (Witches Ladder)


44 Bead Native American


54 Bead Mala


108 Bead Mala


Enter Gemstone
Enter Gemstone
Enter Gemstone
Enter Gemstone

Decorative Additions

Charms - 50p each

Coordinating Tassel - £1.00

Feathers - £2.50

1" Dream Catcher - £8.00


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