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Spirit Sticks

Traditionally Spirit Sticks were kept by the entrance of a dwelling, only allowing the good energies in. Nowadays they are kept in the hall by the front door to bring protection from negative energies entering our homes and to bring peace and balance to our surroundings.

All my Spirit sticks are made using cuttings from one of my sacred trees. They can be left natural or bound in reclaimed suede and decorated with beads and gifted feathers

Spirit sticks are available in two lengths, 20cm and 35cm and your choice of feather colours from fluffy turkey or natural coque

The designs pictured on this page are original designs to Nelly Moon at Vanilla Moon and are an adaption of the Native American Spirit Sticks

Copyright 1980-2014 Nelly Moon
All rights reserved

Feather Colour Choice

Gemstone Bead Choice

Both sizes of Spirit Stick are priced the same as it's only the length that will vary, the width of the Y stick will be the same

Choose your size - 20cm or 35cm
Choose your Feather colour - Fluffy Turkey or Natural Coque
Choose your Gemstone


35cm design shown

Angels Love

Angels Love Spirit sticks are made from natural Walnut, gifted white feathers and natural dream catcher weave centre and decorated with Gemstone beads of your choice, Tibetan silver Angel Charm, Concho and hanging cord.

Hang by the front door to keep negative energies out and promote Angel protection within

From the basket menu choose size and gemstone choice


Enter Size Enter Gemstone Choice


Walnut Spirit Stick decorated with natural weave central web and decorated with feather colours and gemstone of your choice, coordinating reclaimed suede, silver concho and hanging card

Top images shows 20cm with white feathers

Bottom image shows 35cm with white, natural coque and black feathers

From the basket menu choose size, feather colour and gemstone choice


Enter Size Enter Feather Colour Enter Gemstone Choice

Sample Image

Spirit Stick Additional

Grandmother Spider

For an additional charge a beaded Grandmother spider can be added to the web of your spirit stick

Type your colour choice into the basket menu


Enter Colour choice




Copyright © Nelly Moon 1980-2018

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